Last Updated : January 14, 2009
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AutoEfile - Utilities

Firm / ERO Preparer Information
Firm / ERO Preparer Information - You can minimize the entry work by adding the firm and ERO/Preparer information once. This information is populated automatically next time it is needed. view
Override Field Contents - AutoEfile 1040
Override Field Contents - AutoEfile 1040 software allows the preparer to override content of any calculated field that may need to be changed. view
Field Marks
Field Marks - In the process of Tax Preparation, certain field values require to be altered at a later stage. AutoEfile 1040 software provides a facility to mark such fields for better identification. view
Field Level Help - AutoEfile 1040
Field Level Help - AutoEfile 1040 Software provides the tax preparer with online field level help. As the user navigates between fields, the online help appears at the bottom signifying the relevance of field values to be entered.view
Backup Restore Utility
Backup Restore Utility - If you want to work from multiple places or if you filled a wrong data and saved, so you can use this utility to revert to previous backup. view
Error Reject Tracking - AutoEfile 1040
Error Reject Tracking - AutoEfile 1040 Software provides an Error Tracking Facility, displaying the errors and detailed description in regards to the error. view
Client Management
Client Management - To move returns between users or to remove unwanted return a simple utility Client Maintenance is provided.view






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Supported States

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