Last Updated : January 14, 2009
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We understand the importance of every single penny, when the company is a startup organization. Most of the tax practitioners refrain from using the advanced features of the software only because of the initial cost and the cost of getting trained to use the tax software. We have gone through this phase and have been supported by many people to be able to deliver a quality product.

Hence, we encourage people to use our software without any cost obligation.

We want to

  • Pay back to the society. At every stage of our life we are assisted by our surrounding knowingly or unknowingly. All growth in our life is a result of the system that’s built over years of efforts. We need to pay back in some form or the other. We have found this way.
  • Educate tax practitioners to use the facilities of a software, instead of manually preparing the return.
  • Removing the transition cost for the tax preparers. Many tax preparer who would like to learn and use tax software, but are hesitant to initially invest a huge amount. They can use and learn using AutoEfile 1040. We are sure they would be delighted.
  • Promote our business in ethical way.

People say we are breaking our own business. We say we are helping our self by helping small entrepreneurs reach their destinations. Our business will grow if their business grows.

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Supported States

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